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Dan's had it! Time after time he has put up with family interrupting him while he is taking a crap but when aliens from Toiletron invade his bathroom it's no more mr. niceguy. Defeat turdzonians and their leaders and restore peace to Dan's bathroom. Collect steaks to purchase upgrades for Dan's crapper in the Refrigerator shop. Buy special crap attacks like the "Dingleberry Assault" and "Shart Attack". Upgrade Dan's ankle shuffle speed, crap speed, and crap power. Can you defeat the invaders from Toiletron and restore Dan's faith in a man's right to take a dump in peace?

Some Of "Not In My Crapper" Features:

Awesome crapper upgrades that will help you defeat the Toiletrons
Use multiple crap attacks to get yourself out of tough spots
Tons of crazy aliens trying to plug up your crapper
Fun Toiletron leader fights that will test your skills
Endless play see how long you can last
And More!

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Published 1 year ago


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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